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The Brain Dock is the “Ningen Dock for the brain”. The Ningen Dock is a complete medical check, but does not include in-depth inspections of the brain. Since brain diseases are very difficult to treat, it is very important to prevent or find a predictor without fail. Brain Dock can detect a brain aneurysm, brain tumor, unruptured brain aneurysm, Asymptomatic brain infarction, and so on. We recommend middle-aged and elderly people to have Brain Dock once to feel safe.

Course Simple Course Premium Course
Fees ¥35,000(plus tax) ¥45,000 (plus tax)
Head MRI
Head MRA
Neck MRA
Basic test
Height, Weight, Blood pressure, Electrocardiogram
Blood test
Blood glucose, HbA1c, Neutral fat, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, Total cholesterol, Hemoglobin
Explanation of the results by a doctor
Date & Time Mon-Sat Friday morning
Time required Approx. 1 hour Approx. 1 hour
Optional test items

Brain Dock Test Items

Optional ¥5,000 (plus tax)

  Simple Course Premium Course
Fees (tax excluded) ¥35,000 ¥45,000
Physical measurements Height & Weight  
Chest measurement  
Blood pressure  
Eye examination Visual acuity    
Intraocular pressure    
Fundus examination    
Auditory acuity    
Lung function test    
Chest x-ray    
Fecal occult blood test    
Stomach x-ray    
Upper endoscopy    
Abdominal ultrasonography    
Urinalysis Protein    
Occult blood    
Specific gravity    
Head MRI
Head & Neck MRA
Fasting blood glucose/HbA1c  
Biochemistry test Total  
A/G ratio    
Total cholesterol  
Neutral fats  
HDL cholesterol  
LDL cholesterol  
Urea nitrogen  
Uric acid  
Na, Cl    
Serological test Syphilis RPR・Anti-TP antibody    
HCV antibody    
HBs antigen    
Complete blood count RBC (red blood cell count)  
Hb (hemoglobin)  
Ht (hematocrit)  
WBC (white blood cell count)  
MCV (mean corpuscular volume)  
MCH (mean corpuscular hemoglobin)  
MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration)  
PLT (platelet count)  

Optional Examinations

Items Description Fee (tax excluded)
Stroke risk marker Acrolein, IL-6, CRP ¥7,000
Diagnostic imaging Thoracicoabdominal CT ¥17,000
Metabolic syndrome test Visceral fat CT ¥3,000
Colorectal cancer test Lower gastrointestinal tract endoscopy ¥20,000
Hepatitis C HCV antibody ¥1,300
Cardiac option Cardiac ultrasonography, BNP ¥11,000
Arterial sclerosis option Neck ultrasonography, ABI/PWV ¥7,200
Cancer option for male Prostatic ultrasonography
Tumor marker 5

[CEA, CA19-9, PSA, a-FP, CYFRA]

Cancer option for female Tumor marker 6

CEA, CA19-9, a-FP, CYFRA, CA15-3, CA125]

Breast cancer screening Mammography ¥6,000
Mammary gland ultrasonography ¥4,000
Cervical cancer screening Cervical cytology ¥4,000
Uterine body cytology ¥10,000

Before coming to the hospital

  • Check the form you received (name, date of birth, your testing date, etc.)
  • Fill out a questionnaire beforehand.
  • Collect sample stool and urine, reading instructions carefully.
  • Meal: Please finish dinner by 21:00 on the previous day. Refer to the guidance for details.

On the examination day

  • Meal: Please do not have breakfast. Consult with your doctor about drugs you are currently taking.
  • We have hospital gowns for examination. Come in clothes you can change easily.
  • Do not have valuables with you.

Any symptoms?

Please check the box that applies to you. If you have 3 or more check, you are likely to have a brain disease. You are recommended to have Brain Dock.

  • I have a headache or feel dizzy on a regular basis.
  • I have a strange feeling in my limbs/sometimes have numbness in my limbs.
  • I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.
  • I was diagnosed with diabetes.
  • I’m sometimes thick-tongued.
  • A family member has suffered a stroke.
  • I often smoke.
  • I drink more than 2 sho (=3.6ℓ) a week.
  • I have a stressful life.
  • I forget things easily.
  • I sometimes can’t remember the name of someone close.
  • I have a facial paralysis.
  • I have more than 25% [male] or 30% [female] body fat.
  • I have excessive fat in blood.

You have 0 個です

5 or more


Not only for you but also for your family, please consult with a medical specialist.

3 or more

There is a high possibility that you will develop a brain disease in the future.
Just by changing your lifestyle habit, you can prevent a brain disease. Take action to make a change with correct knowledge and information.

2 or less

You are not likely to have a brain disease for the moment.
But, always try to improve your lifestyle habit.

Brain Dock FAQ

How is Brain Dock different from Ningen Dock?

Ningen Dock is conducted to check your lifestyle habit by testing the entire body including the brain, heart, lungs, etc. Brain Dock focuses on the brain and checks more details about the brain to prevent a stroke or other brain diseases.

At what age, should I start to have Brain Dock?

Regardless of age, it would be better to start as early as possible. Stroke and arterial sclerosis were thought to be diseases of older people so far. But now, people in their 30s can develop those diseases. There are quite a few young people having a high risk of cerebrovascular diseases from high cholesterol, diabetes and lifestyle-related diseases. We recommend you to have Brain Dock a little earlier.

Is Brain Dock covered by insurance?

Brain Dock, as well as Ningen Dock, is what you have when no disease has revealed yet. So it is not covered by insurance. If a disease was found by Brain Dock, however, further detailed exams or a treatment are covered by insurance.

What diseases can you find by Brain Dock?

Brain Dock checks the condition of cerebral blood vessels in detail. It can find your future risk of stroke or if a stroke has already been triggered. Brain tumors can be found by Brain Dock as well.

How often should we have Brain Dock?

Once in a few years would be recommended. Even if nothing was found by one Brain Dock, it does not mean you will not have any problem for years to come. It may be a good idea to have Brain Dock when you have something to worry about.

Reservations for Brain Dock

Please make a reservation two weeks prior to the date, or earlier. If you have questions, please call 047-395-1151 or General Reception (1F).

Call a person in charge

Phone: +81-47-395-1151
Call up a person in charge of Ningen Dock

Send a form by fax

Download an application form send the form by fax. We will contact you to give the details.

Ningen Dock application form

[Fax] +81-47-399-2422
(Dock/Medical Checkup Center)

Online application (24 hours a day)

Make an application on the web page below. Fill out and send the form. We will contact you to give the details.

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